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714 Classic Rock - LPCO Rock Radio
714 Classic Rock - LPCO Radio
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Listen to the best in Classic Rock and Really Great Hippie Music How about some excellent Classic and Rare Blues & Jazz and Classic and rare Reggae. They are all the perfect combination for your laid back, hippie loving, goovin' listening pleasure.
Classic Rock music from the late 60's and early 70's when music was clever and different. It's mind altering music that makes you think, unlike today's cookie cutter crap music that all sounds the same.

Take a journey of the mind and turn on , tune in and listen to the best classic rock on the web.

Turn us ON and Turn us UP!

Revisited yester-year when times were chill and you couldn't tell boys from girls with long hair. Made in the USA, the hippie movement grew into a peaceful time where there were sit ins and love ins. tune in and drop out was the motto of the day. Sock-it-to-me was a cool phrase and these charismatic musicians who played acid rock, folk and other styles of music set the scene for the best of time. Please take a listen to our fantastic collection of rare and popular music of the time.


714 Classic Rock - London Pub Crawls Org Classic Rock Station.

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